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We service Redmond Oregon 

Our Services


Wash and Fluff

Have an event coming up and your pet needs to be soft and fluffy, but doesn't need the full workup?

This deal is exactly what you are looking for!
A Wash and Fluff service is the perfect way to give your favorite companion a clean, brushed out look at a lower cost! We will shampoo, deep condition, blow dry and brush out that beautiful hair! You and your furry friend will love this low cost, high-quality service!


Tidy up

Had a nice tight trim last visit? Just thinking a few hairs are beginning to encroach into uncomfortable places? Well Hey! A tidy up is a Wash and Fluff PLUS buff, nail trim, inner ear cleaning, and careful trimming of the hair around face, eyes and genital region!

Your pet will be looking fresh and clean, as well as happy and fluffy!!!


Full Haircut

This is the full package deal! This service includes: a relaxing bath, brush out, deep conditioning, grinding down those nails, cleaning out those ears and any haircut that you think your furry friend's heart desires!!

Your loveable companion with love and thank you for this full spa treatment.


Individual Services

  • Dye Job

  • Anal Glands

  • Nail Grinding

  • Ear Plucking and Cleaning

  • Hair Accessories 

  • Paw Treatment

  • Teeth Brushing

  • De Skunking

  • Flea Treatment

  • Medicated baths


Hi, I’m TJ

I am excited to be living and working in Central Oregon. I love being connected to our community. Knowing how dog friendly Bend and Redmond is I knew this would be the perfect place for me and the Creations business! Ever since I was a little girl, my cousin and I dreamed about working with animals. I never knew exactly how, but I had such a love for every animal out there --  cats, dogs, lizards, snakes, you name it! I am not picky. I love them ALL!

When I became a teenager I learned what grooming and taking care of a pet really meant with my family's two Shetland Sheepdogs. As soon as I could I get a job, I became an animal bather! My love for animals only grew stronger from there! I trained for a year under a phenomenal show groomer, who not only taught me specific detailing and technique, but also showed me how to prioritize not only an animal's comfort but safety as well. I started  trimming and performing full service grooms in 2007. Fast forward to now, and as I continue to learn and grow, I've found the possibilities in the grooming world to be ENDLESS! I found that I could incorporate art and painting with my grooming passion!

My clients who have known me a long time, know I am goofy, loving and honest, and will take care of their animals as I do my own. I am excited to build a relationship with you and your pets!


My Furry Visitors

Follow Us  @tjs_grooming_creations


I’ve known TJ for over 14 years. I would not take my two fur babies to anyone else to groom them. She is the most kind, caring and understanding person I have ever met. She takes care of your babies and is patient and loving to them.  She treats them like they are hers. She does terrific work on grooming. I have followed TJ over the years and I will continue to follow her. She is like family to us and we love her very much.


Penny and Chewys mom

 TJ is professional, experienced, gentle & caring.  My dog, Kona, has been seeing TJ monthly for 5 years and I must say I never had a bad experience. Kona has some anxiety issues, but that’s no problem for TJ as she is comforting and loving to Kona.  Each time I drop off Kona I have peace of mind that she’s in good hands. Each time I pick up Kona she is happy and beautifully groomed with attention paid to any special requests I may throw in on the day of.  TJ genuinely loves animals, has a true passion for her work, and it shows!


Kona's Mom

TJ has been our groomer since our dogs were puppies.  She loves our dogs just as much as we do.  We have a Border Collie with loves of hair and TJ always has her looking beautiful.  She has a big task keeping our Golden Doodle groomed as he loves to swim in the pool.  TJ knows just how to clip keep him so he is always looking good.  We get lots of compliments when the dogs come back from TJ. Do your dogs a favor and take them to TJ.  Your dog will have a smile and so will you!

Susan and Michael

Millie and Zeek's Mom and Dad

WE LOVE  TJ. !!!
We have two Maltese that we love very much 10 years and 14 years old ,Wyatt and Lacy.
TJ has been loving and taking care of our dogs since we first got them as puppies. When we say her name to our pups they get excited.
We believe she cares for our pups as much as we do. She always does the cuts and adds an extra touch to our pups whenever we ask and sometimes we don't even have to ask. She notices things about our babies if there should be an issue she's on top of it. We would recommend TJ to any of our friends she's the best.

Robert and Terra 

Lacy and Wyatt's Parents

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Text or Call: (541) 527-9448


Ask Me Anything

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